CTSSB also representing Ineo Engie and DK Corp for market Zephyr’s RHGSE in Malaysia. Zephyr International is committed to serving rescue hoist users and mainteiners worldwide using new technology and innovation design. They design, develop and manufacture products and services that enhance the safety of helicopter rescue hoist team. Their product are designed to protect, inspect and ensure the safety of rescue hoist quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Zephyr has developed a patented method of maintaining the rescue hoist and its cable as required by the hoist OEMs without having to fly the helicopter, in a safe and efficient manner. The RHGSE provides the capabilities of protecting, tensioning, cleaning, drying, and lubricating the rescue hoist cable as required by the hoist OEMs after each mission and/or at hoist and cable maintenance times, without having to fly the helicopter.

In addition, along with the RHGSE, Zephyr developed a method of inspecting the rescue hoist cable with the introduction of the Zephyr Rescue Hoist Magnetic Inspection System, (MagSens™) in 2005. The MagSens system provides the rescue hoist maintainer the capability to measure and record locations of defects/indications, both internally and externally, in the rescue hoist cable and provides a permanent record of the inspection results in a matter of minutes.