Milkor is a South African defence company Established in 1981. They design, develop and manufacture all our defence and security products inhouse. Our capabilities range between Air, Land, Sea, Cyber and Weapons.

Milkor air systems consist of different unmanned aerial vehicles that ranges from handheld options up to our 12-meter wingspan MA380. Our systems are designed and manufactured for the end users’ specific missions and can be tailored to the end users’ requirements. Our capability includes the weaponization and integration of systems that requires the UAV to carry weapons.

Milkor land systems consist of various vehicles from our Milkor 4×4 to our newest development in the Milkor 8×8 which can be customized depending on the end users’ requirements as well as the terrain it will be deployed in.

Milkor Sea systems include our range of offshore patrol vessels from 9 meters up to our 12-meter MN Centurion high speed interceptor and is available in both unmanned and manned versions. With a unique hydrofoil assisted design that can be fitted with various ballistic protection offered with customizable weapon systems, surveillance and radars and more provides for a world-class all-round solution.<>/p

Milkor cyber solutions provide end-to-end security solutions for the monitoring, assessment and defence of your information assets. The objective is to achieve complete confidentiality, data integrity, information availability, accountability and assurance (governance) for you, Milkor’s customer.

They are the original designer and manufacturer of the hand held 40mm Multiple Grenade Launcher weapon systems. Over the past 36 years, we have supplied in excess of 62,000 weapons to more than 60 countries worldwide to military and law enforcement ranging from less lethal to lethal.